Want to Go Caving?

If you ask a caver why they visit caves more often than not, they will tell you the true reason. "It's because it's fun!" It is not an activity that should be started alone or with other inexperienced would be cavers. There are a number of caving clubs in Texas and the best way to start is to contact one in your area and let them know that you want to learn how to cave safely. Ask them about their meetings and join them.

After you determine you like the mud, cold water, bats, bugs, etc., you might consider joining the National Speleological Society listed below. The state wide organization is the Texas Speleological Association is also listed below. They host a number of activities including cave work projects, conventions and even caver parties. Most of these organizations are family oriented and welcome new cavers. After you learn how valuable the caves are, you may want to join the Texas Cave Conservancy and help protect these valuable Texas natural treasures.

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