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These songs, stories and recordings are here for listening while you are visiting our site...enjoy!

Thank you, Barb MacLeod, for creating the soundtrack to our lives...

Barbara MacLeod & Friend
Spoken Introduction Song
Plastic Justrite Plastic Justrite (1973)
Histoplamosis Histoplasmosis
Never let a Reduviidae Bug ... Never let a Reduviidae Bug ...
Grand Kentucky Junction Grand Kentucky Junction
Forever on a Flowstone Forever on a Flowstone Mobius Strip
Ode to Carbide by Rae Nadler Ode to Carbide
  I Smell Bat S*** (1971)
  Life is Like a Carbide Lattern
  Hollow Hills (1974)

Texas Cavers are very interested in the caves of Mexico and the related culture. Many have activitly worked toward the protection of Mexican caves and culture. The following is a NOVA interview with Barbarba MacLleod concerning Speaking Ancient Maya.
Perhaps some young people might find this interesting and learn to speak Maya.
Maya Writing - Powerpoint

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NSS Cave Ballads are found here.

Floyd Collins was a cave explorer in Kentucky in the 1920's. He was trapped in Sand Cave and died. This link tells part of his story and the music link is Vernon Dalhart's, The Death of Floyd Collins recording.
The Story of Floyd Collins
The Death of Floyd Collins

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