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The TSS Library at the J. J. Pickle Research Campus of the University of Texas at Austin is both the meeting space for the TSS and a working archive that holds files (electronic and paper) on the caves and karst resources of Texas, as well as a non-circulating library with a broad selection of books and magazines on the topics, as well as maps. It occupies the entire third floor of Building 18-A of the PRC, with individual rooms dedicated to maps, TSS publication stock, files for proprietary and public information, a photo archive, and a large meeting and work room with several computer stations used for workshops and the TSS data base.

The TSS Library also contains the archive of The Texas Caver (the official journal of the Texas Speleological Association), and many back issues of international, national, regional, and local caving publications (including NSS News, the Journal of Cave and Karst Studies, newsletters from various grottos (the term for local caving clubs affiliated with the National Speleological Society), and reports from various state entities that concern the Texas underground.

Visitors to the third floor of 18-A are greeted by the TSS' small museum, containing significant pieces of gear and historic memorabilia (all donations).

Cavers, students, and teachers are welcome to make an appointment to come by the TSS Office in Austin and use our materials. However, because of various restrictions and for reasons of conservation, some materials held in the Library cannot legally be released to the public, copied, or distributed. We will, however, help you with what you need, to the best of our abilities. A low-capacity photocopy machine is usually available. We also have a small lending library of books and CDs for teachers' use. Because the office is not regularly staffed, no loans are possible through the mail.

TSS Office

The TSS office was photographed by Keith Heuss during the January 14, 2006, Board of Directors Meeting. Click on any of the images below for a larger 5 mpx image (700kb - 1.6mb).

Building 18-A, entrance side

View from parking lot

View toward Burnet Road gate

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Third floor: TSS Museum

Tape = Kastning's dissertation!

TSS Library

Texas Caver archive, TSA

Map Room
(most also scanned)